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Session (2022-23)


Inter House Rangoli Competition - Secondary Section (18 October, 2022)


An Inter-House Diwali Dazzles competition was conducted on 18th October, 2022 in St. Raphael Co-Ed School, Bhopal. The theme was festive and brought out enthusiasm and great zeal among the students. Total number of students who participated in this competition was 15 from each house. The student’s pre –planned their patterns and had come prepared with all the materials required for making them. The Judges of this competition were Principal Sr. Valsa, Sr. Litty and Ms. Madhuri Minj. The winners of this competitions were Green House students who depicted wonderful Rangoli pattern with a strong social message to promote education in remote areas. Second prize winners were Yellow House students. These competitions motivated the students to perform and outshine in their creativity and more importantly they worked as a team to bring laurels to their houses.


Inter House Hindi Debate Competition - Secondary Section (01 October, 2022)


An Inter-House Hindi Debate Competition on the topic “Lockdown ne Vidyarathiyon ka Vyawhar Badla Hai” was organized by St. Raphael Co-Ed School Bhopal, inviting public speakers and Hindi language enthusiast, from the students currently in class 6th to 12th to put forth their talents of public speaking and polish their debating skills. The event was organized under the supervision of Hindi language teachers, supervised by the regulations laid by Ms. Neha Bhoumik and Ms. Yogeshwari Shukla.

The goal of providing this platform to students was to develop their confidence, exercise their public speaking skills, and increase their ability of self- analysis while instigating in them the skill of putting forth convincing and factually apt argument in a respectful manner. It was a chance for the audience of the same age group to comprehend the platform and reflect on the impact of lockdown on themselves and their peers.

The individual House-Mistresses aided the students in preparing for the competition. Blue House secured 1st position in the ‘For’ category whereas Green House stood first in the ‘Against’ category.



Inter House Board Competition - Secondary Section (13 August, 2022)


As a part of the 75th Independence Day celebration (Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav), an inter house board decoration competition was conducted on the topic "Independence" on 13th of August, 2022. Each house was represented by 8 members inclusive of 2 presentors. The presentors explained their ideas very confidently and each idea was unique through which they wanted to showcase their patriotism. The judges were Sr. Alvina, Ms. Shiksha Phalke & Ms. Madhuri Minj. The competition was very closely contested. Yellow house was declared the winners followed by Green house.



Fancy dress Competition - Pre Primary (12 August, 2022)


The students of pre-primary section on 12th August 2022 enjoyed coming dressed as Freedom fighters of India and taking part in the Fancy Dress Competition. They all looked vibrant in their colourful and different costumes and played their parts confidently. The students were given an opportunity to speak in front of others and  bring forth their hidden talents.



CBSE Toppers Award Ceremony (08 August, 2022)


The school acknowledged the achievers of the CBSE Board Exam toppers for the session 2021-22. Even after the fatal shadow of the COVID 19, the students of St Raphael Co Ed School held high the flag of success in the Board Examinations 2022. As tradition, the school toppers were awarded with cash reward, special gift, memento and certificate of appreciation.



Dance competition (06 August, 2022)


"Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life”

On August 6, 2022 Primary wing of St. Raphael Co-Ed School organized dance competition based on the theme of patriotism where children displayed their love for the country through patriotic dances. The participants enjoyed the performance and were enthusiastic till the end. Students of classes 4 & 5 participated in this dance competition. The energetic dance performance by the children kept the flame of patriotism alive. Their impressive performances enthralled everyone. The judges were Ms. Shweta Singh Rana, Mr. Prashant Patil and Ms. Savita Piplay.  The judges applauded the efforts put in by the students. Our Vice Principal Sr. Alvina and the coordinators graced the occasion. Patriotic Solo Dance competition was a sure way of inculcating the feeling of patriotism and the pride for ones country in the young minds.


Patriotic Song Competition (06 August, 2022)


Clad in the spirit of nationalism, the afternoon of 06th August, 2022 was spent celebrating the 75 glorious years of India’s independence, at the St. Raphael Co-Ed School, Bhopal. The Inter-House Patriotic Song Competition was organized to enthuse, in our young nation-builders, the quintessential patriotism, creative expression and reiterate the stature that Unity holds. The Blue House and the Red House stood 1st and the Green house secured the 2nd position. Mentored by their house- mistresses, individual houses participated, putting forth their musical talents; staging the pride they hold for our country, its people, its leaders, its protectors and its visionaries.



Rakhi making activity - Pre Primary (06 August, 2022)


"Raksha Bandhan" or "Rakhi" is a special occasion to celebrate the virtuous bond of love between a brother and a sister. To commemorate this festival, on 6th August, 2022 Rakhi Making Activity was organized for the students of the pre-primay. The activity began with the discussion about the festival ‘Rakshabandhan’. The significance and the manner in which it is celebrated were discussed with the children. The students were guided to decorate the Rakhi using decorative materials. Students made beautiful Rakhis using different articles like silken thread, ribbon, glitters, cartoons stickers, cotton balls, sticking stones, beads etc. Their artisanship was quite fascinating and children thoroughly enjoyed this activity that tickled their creative side.



English Poem Recitation Competition (02 August, 2022)


An Inter-house English Poem Recitation Competition was organized on 2nd August 2022 for the classes 1 to 3.  The students enthusiastically participated in the competition as they got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The competition inspired the young poets to come forward and recite on stage. The students came up with different poems on different topics as per the class. For Class 1 – Butterfly; Class 2 – My Mother; Class 3 – Monsoon. They enjoyed the rhythm and music of words.

The participants from all the respective four houses – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow left no stone unturned to win for their house. Students were judged based on – Content and Memorization, Expression, Pacing and Clarity, and Props and Overall performance. The judges appreciated and applauded the performances of the participants and everyone was delighted after seeing their pleasing performances. The Winners of the competition were as follows:


Name of the Student 





Saanvi Agarwal


Class I




Inaaya Beg Blue



Kunal Dubey





 Aarya Sharma  Class II  Green


Atharva Shrivastava 




 Kaniha Nair  Blue



 Aashna Shukla  Red




 Anay Upadhyay  Class III  Green



 Shivansh Singh  Yellow



 Caleb Merwin  Red





Quiz Competition - Secondary Section (30 July, 2022)


To test the logical and scientific skills of the young learners, Maths and Science Quiz competition was conducted for the students of class VI to X. Each team comprised of 4 participants from different classes. The questions were based on mathematical and logical calculations, identification of famous mathematicians and scientists, theorems and theories, metals - non metals, periodic table etc. The teams were struck with various levels in the quiz like puzzle round, MCQ, rapid fire round etc. Red House won the competition beating the other three houses.



Investiture Ceremony - Primary Section (29 July, 2022)


“Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life.”

To inculcate leadership qualities among the students, primary student council was formed and Investiture ceremony was celebrated at St. Raphael Co-Ed School on Friday 29th July, 2022 with full zeal, zest and enthusiasm. The event was graced by our Honourable Chief Guest Shri. Pratap Ware, Councillor - ward no.53, Sr. Alvina- Vice Principal, Sr. Ancilla- Manager, Sr. Litty- Bursar and Sr. Lisy Thomas- Director of Uday Society. This auspicious occasion began by lighting the lamp followed by a welcome dance. The march by primary student council was a spectacular affair which set the mood for the event. The primary student council was headed by Head Boy- Divyansh Gupta and Head Girl- Navni Patidar. The members of the council were conferred with badges and sashes. The student council took the pledge to be faithful and loyal towards the duties bestowed on them.

Chief Guest in his speech appreciated the school management for providing opportunities to develop leadership qualities among the students and encouraged newly elected council members to fulfill their duties with zeal and honesty. The junior choir presented a melodic tuneful song that inspired all to join hands towards the progress of our nation. The senior dance team gave a spellbound, inciting dance performance. The vice principal in her speech guided the primary student council to be the role models for their peers and render their responsibilities sincerely.  She reminded them the values symbolised by the school houses: Blue house for loyalty, Yellow house for wisdom, Green house for honesty, Red house for limitlessness and encouraged all to hold on to these virtues in all their endeavours.



Investiture Ceremony - Secondary Section (20 July, 2022)


“Leadership is a skill, some are born with it, some, master it with practice.” These words marked the opening of the ceremonious occasion marking the formation of Student Cabinet 2022-23. On Wednesday, 20th July, 2022 the school lauded the new student leaders marching proudly towards the stage to collect their respective badges.

Head Boy- Shivang Patidar

Head Girl- Ishita Kanade

Vice Head Boy- Anurag Tripathi

Vice Head Girl- Pratishtha Sen

The primary representatives, pioneers of student leadership, loyalty and discipline will bear the light, guiding the 75 member council consisting of-

Cultural Ministers- Kumkum Shukla and Prakhar Nagar

Literary Club Secretary- Saniya Gupta and Radhika Bais

Sport Secretaries- Ragini Patidar and Anurag Chouhan

-followed by the 40 Class Prefects, 15 Bus Monitors and 4 House Captains and Vice Captains who stand representing the four pillars of Raphaelite foundation of Limitless Power, Honesty, Wisdom and Loyalty.

The council was welcomed with a medley performance by the School Choir igniting pride, motivation and self- belief; followed by an inspiring Dance Drama, choreographed by Mr. Prashant Patil, representing the character of a true Raphaelite- of Wisdom, Loyalty, Honesty and Limitless Power; paving the road for the inspiring cabinet to fulfill their responsibilities with strength and bravery. Shivang Patidar, the School Head Boy, addressed the cheering crowd with gratitude and confidence, promising to be courageous and to evoke courage among his peers in times of challenge and difficulty. The honorary chief guest DCP Vineet Kapoor, reflected on his experience in the fields of leadership, academia and defence, reminding future leaders to inculcate ‘self-correction’ blended with the ASK- Attitude, Skill and Knowledge to stand as the representatives of our esteemed institute and handling their ‘Absolute Power’ with integrity and composure. He concluded his speech by reminding the inspired audience that, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Self-correction is an integral part of success; a guide to carve your way towards your Everest.” Honorary Vice Principal, Sr. Alvina, proudly congratulated the council members, highlighting the accomplishment of these high achievers. She recalled “to always remember the difference between ‘a hero’ and ‘a leader’; where one is a mere attraction; a leader is that guiding star that shows the way, brings people home.” Head Girl, Ishita Kanade, presented the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the mentors, her esteemed educators who recognized the potential of the young leaders and motivated them to soar high in their journey towards a brighter future.



Origami Activity-Pre Primary (16 July, 2022)


“Artistic skills at display”

The Pre-primary section of St. Raphael co-ed school on 16th July, 2022 conducted origami activity. Children participated in this creative venture with great zeal and high spirits. The tiny tots were amazed to see transformation of a flat sheet square of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting. Budding stars created unique and exclusive shapes and structures to showcase their finesse in paper craft. They made butterfly, joker face, and aeroplane and displayed them with great pleasure and gratification. This activity triggered their imagination and enhanced their creative skills.



Rainy Day Celebration - Pre Primary (13 July, 2022)


Rainy Day is always a fun time for the kids if it is celebrated in the school. Moreover it makes the school environment light and mesmerizing for these tiny tots. To celebrate the first showers of Monsoon, the pre-primary students on 13th July 2022 came all armed in their raincoats & umbrellas to splash & revel in the rain. All the children came dressed up in different shades of blue. The students’ pre- primaries were brought out in open by their teachers with umbrellas and rain coats to enjoy the weather. Teachers made them aware of the things found in this season like corn, frog etc. The kids really had a great time with their friends and teachers. This Rainy Day celebration was full of fun & frolic.



Clay Modelling Activity - Pre Primary (09 July, 2022)


Clay Modelling is an activity that helps in the development of pre-primary students in several ways. It nurtures a child’s creativity, boosts imagination, and imbibes self-confidence. The touch and feel of clay have a naturally relaxing quality. Children participated in the Clay Modelling activity on 9th July 2022 with great enthusiasm. Clay Models were demonstrated by teachers. The activity was carried out by the students of Pre primary. Nursery students made a model of bug with clay. K.G.-1 students made umbrella, students of K.G.-2 made tree with the play dough. The students used their imagination and creativity to make and decorate the models made from clay. The activity was enjoyed by all the students.



Van Mahotsav Week (01 July - 07 July, 2022)


The first week of July is celebrated as the Van Mahotsav Week. The school organized various competitions and activities to promote the Green Campaign. Plantation Drive was organized in the school campus where the students along with teachers and Vice Principal, Sr. Alvina, and Bursar, Sr. Litty, took part in the plantation.

Drawing competition was held for the students of classes 1st to 10th to celebrate the day by enriching the students with the knowledge of preservation and conservation of the environment. The students of classes 6th to 10th wrote Slogans to propagate the message of Clean and Green environment. Awareness was created amongst the students through Plantation Drive, Drawing competition and Slogan Writing on 2 July 2022 to celebrate Van Mahotsav.



Parent Orientation Program (25 June, 2022)


On 25th June 2022, the school auditorium of St. Raphael Co-Ed School, Bhopal stood decorated in warm hues in preparation to welcome the parents of the newly admitted students for the session 2022-23. The program witnessed the attendance of 150 parents who embarked on the academic journey with the school along with their wards. “Love begins at home”, with this message our host Ms. Arpana Merwin welcomed the parents, the school choir graciously performed the prayer song. The parents and the school staff practiced a 5-minute meditation, offering gratitude to the almighty. The Senior Coordinators, Ms. Shali Sam of the senior secondary section and Ms. Sunita Palladi of the Primary section individually addressed the attendees, sharing important academic details regarding the school rules, the exam schedule, and the exam pattern followed in the institute. Activity Coordinator, Ms. Banani Pun shared the importance of extracurricular activities in a student’s life and the activity schedule for the year. Parents were reminded of the importance of following discipline protocols along with their wards, and cooperating with the school, in order to aid their child’s holistic growth.

Dr. Ritu Nanda our resource person and an experienced Psychologist and Psychotherapist guided the parents through her talk on ‘Happy Parenting Post Pandemic’; sharing the importance of parental presence in a child’s life; especially after the tragic pandemic of Covid 19. The closing performance of the event was the presentation of a dance drama, performed by the school students under the guidance of dance instructor Mr. Prashant Patil. The Vice- Principal, Sr. Alvina addressed the members of the audience, recalling the hard lessons learned during the pandemic, the value of interpersonal relationships, and the importance of empathy- especially in the parent-child dynamic reminding the audience, “The best inheritance parents could give their children is a few minutes of their time.” With this message, the Vice-Principal addressed the meeting closed.



International Yoga Day (21 June, 2022)


Celebrating the theme of ‘Yoga for Humanity’, St. Raphael School, Bhopal organized a yoga practice session in the school auditorium for the students and teachers, in lieu of the 8th  International Yoga Day, 2022. The students, along with performing the Sun Salutation and various Yoga Asanas under the guidance of Mr. Prashant Patil, Mrs. Rachna Awasthy, and Mrs. Shivani Rajput, learned the origin of yoga practice, its indispensable health benefits, and its impact on the lives of people. Reiterating the importance of mental peace and health care which are the urgent need for humanity today, Vice- Principal Sr Alvina addressed the session, motivating the students and teachers to practice yoga every day; She reminded the students and staff that taking care of oneself, establishing a routine and inculcating flexibility in the body as well as mind should be the priority for the pioneers of tomorrow. In the presence of the Vice-Principal and the academic staff, students pledged to inculcate yoga in their routine, concluding the session on a hopeful, positive note.



Summer Celebration (12 April, 2022)


Fruit Bonanza of pre primary wing was organised with great zeal and enthusiasm on 12th April 2022 in school campus. Students and teachers were equally excited to celebrate the summer, as the teacher's had prepared iced drink for the students and students had varieties of fruit in their lunch. The tiny tots were beautifully dressed up in yellow with goggles and hat. Teacher served them chilled drinks to beat the summer heat.



Article Writing and Cover Design Competition (08 April, 2022)


An Article Writing and a Cover Design Competition was organized by the School Magazine Committee, inviting entries from the students currently in class 6th to 12th. The event was organized under the collaboration of the English and Hindi language teachers, supervised by the regulations laid by Mrs. Pratibha Stephen and Ms. Hamda Arab.

i. ARTICLE WRITING- As all great writing is precise and apt, student were asked to similarly express their views on themes of Education, Leadership, Life, Career, Media and Environment. Students were allowed to submit their entries in either languages- Hindi or English. The word limit was devised class-wise. The initiative helped in aligning students’ thoughts and expression towards ideas of personality development, self- awareness and understanding of societal phenomenon. 

ii. COVER DESIGN- The segment gave students an opportunity to express their interpretation of the School Theme 2022- ‘Towards a Positive Productive Year’. Students through the use of optimistic colours and symbols presented their ideas for the cover design.

Class teachers short-listed the top-five under each category. These entries will be reviewed by the subject teacher in-charges and the best ones will be published in the school magazine.


Drawing & Handwriting competition (08 April, 2022)


"Every child is an artist” said Pablo Picasso.

Keeping this in mind and to explore the creative potential in the young minds of our children, an intra - class drawing competition for classes 1 to 3 and handwriting competition was conducted for classes 4 & 5. The children showcased their creative skills in drawing and colouring and also depicted the art of writing beautifully. This fun filled activity witnessed an enthusiastic participation by all students. The result was amazing art work.


School Re-opening (20 March, 2022)


The reopening of the school, after the summer break, was an auspicious occasion for the teachers as well as for the students of the school. The presence of the holy sisters in the morning assembly marked the session with sacred essence of joy. Holy prayer was conducted to invoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswati and the Lord Almighty. The school Manager, Sr. Ancilla, Vice Principal, Sr. Alvina, Bursar Sr. Litty, Sr. Lissy, former Principal Sr. Philo showered their blessings on the students to recommence the session and wished good luck for the success of the progressive year 2022.