86/2, Jatkhedi, Misrod, Bhopal (M.P.) - 462047

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Nice school
Posted By : Rajesh Sahu, On : 21-Oct-2019
Excellent school!! Great Teaching Staff
Posted By : Vinn, On : 14-Jun-2019
Appreciate to school management for conduct parents seminar, especially guidance and speech of councillor Mrs Gupta
Posted By : Umesh Singh , On : 31-Jul-2019
I am a student of this school
Posted By : Dishi mukati, On : 06-Jul-2019
The infrastructure is good, but education is not all about big buildings. The essence of school and education is about teaching which requires good and dedicated teachers. The quality of teachers in the senior secondary level is of great concern, and also even after the guidelines of the government the school direct the guardians to buy dress and books from "particular " shops also they do not have any choice but to buy from that particular shop . The school does not comply to the policy of 25% quota for students of weeker sections. The system of fee collection is not logical. They should make it monthly and months should be in continuity and sequence e.g January then February then March etc not January and March, april and December like that. Now a very interesting thing the school charges fee on different things which can be confirmed from the fee book. The thing here is that , library fee- 830 rs is a complete waste because there no quality books in the library the basic purpose of library is defeated also the librarian is very arrogant and egoistic. The school magazine fee is way too high - 300 rs . There is no sports equipment and material available in the school, just go and check because school charges 850 rs for nothing. There is something called " career guidance for which fee is 500 rs but the " guidance" is not available and there is many more things which are not provided in reality but fee is charged. The canteen food quality is poor. The school principal should kindly take note of all such issues.
Posted By : Abhishek Chouhan , On : 24-Jun-2019
I am a student of this school
Posted By : Dishi mukati, On : 06-Jul-2019
Very nice school
Posted By : Kalp kankane, On : 01-May-2019