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St. Raphael Co-Ed School provides a classroom environment that fosters transcendence, and motivates students towards ideal accomplishments. Our well ventilated and spacious classrooms are integrated with smart boards, and are adequately furnished to cater the need of the students for a comfortable ambience. With the aid of abounding vocational training, our skilled faculties mentor each individual with utmost devotion and commitment. The accentuation is to make the classroom sessions captivating and interactive.




Nature is the best teacher where one can learn character from the trees, moral values from the roots and acceptance of challenges from the leaves thus, a beautiful garden that provides a tranquil ambience for the students to acquire knowledge from the best resources, unquestionably becomes the culminating advantage that the school has given.  St. Raphael takes immense pride to have successfully provided an ambience that radiate sanguineness and exhilaration to its family members. After extensive mind invigorating classroom sessions, it’s this aura that that reconnects the Raphaelites to their natural world. As one enters this winsome premise, he is astounded by the celestial cosmos of the school.




The world is a laboratory to a curious mind and so, St Raphael has provided the inquisitive minds commendably equipped laboratories of Science mainly Physics, Chemistry, Biology as these are experimental disciplines, where the students are guided to penchant on demonstrations and experiments to uncover the laws of truth behind the cloud of illusions and queries which the theatrical concepts and relationships may introduce in the class but careful observation, thoughtful analysis, logical reasoning  and genuine understanding entail to relate the abstract ideas to the particular facts to which they correspond and for such realisation, myriad specimens; instruments and apparatus comes to the rescue to satisfy the hungry minds.





An extremely innovative amenity that the school has provided its students, adhering to the NCERT syllabus is a digital Mathematics laboratory in collaboration with NIIT Nguru, where the students can experiment and explore patterns and ideas with the help of obligatory charts, models and imperative activities. A collection of games, puzzles, and other mind emboldening materials are provided to nourish the inquisitive minds. The materials are meant to be used by the students under the guidance of highly skilled faculty concern, to explore the universe of numbers, shapes and extensive logic; to discover, to learn and to develop an interest in Mathematics. The activities help students to visualize, manipulate and reason as these provide opportunity to make conjectures, test them and to generalize observed patterns thereafter, attempt to prove their conjectures. This facility has proven to bring out the acumen in the students of classes I to X by nurturing their aptitude and promoting intelligence. Mind-boggling and stupendous calculations, plausible reasoning always needs the right aura for delivering analytical testimony, and such quintessential facilities can be provided by a befitting laboratory. St. Raphael believes in the fact that nothing should fall short to nourish a child’s mind and thus, it has been resolute to reinforce the facilities a child deserves.




Information technology has grown to be pivotal to every walk of our lives. With competently geared computer lab with workstation for individual student, the school purveys an endowment of knowledge in hardware and software in computer education right from scratches. Qualified teachers assist students to invade this wide web to garner intelligence and the probe into the virtual aura to fathom the tremendous technological advancement the mankind has witnessed in recent past. The IT teachers work hard with the students to sharpen their skills so that they can develop a keen interest in this profound field of information processing and enroot themselves to be technocrats in future.




Talent is God given and fame is man-given thus, St. Raphael has brought its family a magnificent auditorium with latest technology of light and sound system that glorifies the talent showcased by not only the students and teachers but also the parents. The school believes that no child is under-talented but pledges to provide the stage to such extravagant performances which not only boosts up the confidence in the students but also makes them believe in a career in co-scholastic domains and this sumptuous auditorium is a small badge to live up to this commitment. This auditorium, that has the capacity to accommodate more than 1000 audiences, has witnessed innumerable grandiose and flamboyant artistry manifested by talented Raphaelites in various occasions.



Playing is the highest form of research where the children experience education in the environment because they learn as they play and essentially ‘Learn how to Learn’. St. Raphael strongly envisage that play enhances every aspect of a child’s evolvement and erudition. In fact, it is the child’s fenestella to the outer world and forms the foundation of social, intellectual, physical and emotional aesthetics that are requisite for success in life. St. Raphael cannot afford to make its talented blossoms dull with no play and all work thus, a prodigious outdoor play area has been bequeathed to the students where the school allows them to explore different environments by providing facilities for basketball, Cricket, volleyball, badminton, hand-ball, throw-ball, kho-kho, kabaddi etc. Inspiration can shape up a child’s dream and thus, St. Raphael has stepped forward to priming this sportsman spirit to actualisation of dreams by endeavour and perseverance.




Spectacular matches aren’t limited to just huge grounds but gathers applauses in bounded peripheries as well. St. Raphael has a Sports Centre that offers a range of indoor games including table tennis, chess and martial arts including kick-boxing and karate thereby, promoting self-defence, to students. Introspection and narrowing of concentration to focus are some other indispensable endeavour that is brought to the students through yoga and meditation. The objective is to groom their ability to help the students create their very own innovative approach to success. Needless to say, our sports centre ignites the potential and calibre of every student to follow their inclined path.




A library is a repository of medicine for the mind and by acknowledging this fact, the school has provided students with a library architecture that is persuasive and conducive to learning, amassing intelligence, improving communication and promoting interests to contrive creative writing as a promising career. Our school library is a trove of enlightenment that provides students a place to learn, think and share ideas. St. Raphael regards the fact that opuscules from within and beyond curriculum can fire students’ imagination, and widen their knowledge horizons thus, this commodious and airy library is the finest gift which the school has presented its students.




The Activity Rooms at St. Raphael are classic frolics that cavort to refresh minds of the students amidst deliberation. This facility has triggered every Raphaelite into alacrity. Equipped with a wide range of performing arts, our spacious activity rooms are fit for every session - be it dance, music or art. This idea of introducing separate activity rooms is not only to nursle the hidden talents of every student but also to give wings to their creativity. Activity rooms play a big role in strengthening the roots of talent in every student.




St. Raphael accommodates a medical room, which is accessible by any ailing student. We conduct regular awareness programs for assisting students about various aspects of health education (diseases), first aid, healthy habits, diet management and stress management along with hosting government specified vaccination camps. Regular medical monitoring is also conducted biannually to keep a check on health status.



A sanitised and spacious canteen is another feather added to the hat of St. Raphael Co-Ed School, where students and faculties can opt from a wide range of staple and delicious cuisines. The highlight of the canteen is the homemade food that is available for the Raphaelite family, keeping in mind the health aspects. Freshly prepared food is made available at a reasonable price which can be devoured with delight.




A digitised resource centre provides support to keep momentum with the dynamic nature of attainments and pedagogy in education. The in house programs are organized weekly and learning communities provide classroom teachers with real opportunities for continuous professional development, research and growth through routine microteaching and demonstrations to keep up to the advanced teaching methodologies. This continuous professional learning provide teachers with thorough in-service training to share contemporary pedagogical practices and acquire skills for facilitating learning in this 21st century digital era.



At St. Raphael, students of primary and middle sections are given special training to speak intermediate English with perfect syntax. Here, a commendable linguistic coaching is conducted to inspire the students to understand the difference among various accents yet value the correct phonology, semantics and intonation. Students are trained to use advanced conditionals including past modals which are vital in spoken form of English. This not only develops the soft skills and communication in a child but also prepares him to improve his listening skills to enrich his lexicon.



At St. Raphael, Life skills-based education is given utmost priority next to curriculum based teaching, as that focuses on addressing a variety of issues of children and several aspects of youth development, along with cultivating life skills such as self-reflection, critical thinking, problem solving ability, self-management and interpersonal skills. Here, the counsellor provides instruction on psychological and social issues, offers vocational guidance; help with early intervention to prepare for life ahead however, the most challenging role is to address the special needs of the students and here at St. Raphael, counsellor helps students with special needs to integrate into classrooms, therefore may oversee programs that address requirements for students with learning difficulties. This facility, that the school provides, brings forth an expected learning outcome including a combination of knowledge, values, attitudes and career planning with confidence.