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Principal's Message (2019 - 2020)


 The Crystal Year Celebration of our beloved organization St Raphael Co Ed School, Bhopal is yet another opportunity for reflection, Introspection and anticipation in hope. Yes, I emphasize the hard labour of those who were before me. They lift me higher and I can see beyond their struggles. I am stronger for their courage and wiser for their words. I am honoured for their passion. I am Grateful for their vision. And my shoulders will be there for those who follow me.


15 years back the school began with a small number of stakeholders. Yes, we have crossed few milestones. The infrastructure; the soul - who are the teachers: the staff and the students have grown, that today we have a strong identity in the city of Bhopal. Yes, we intend on creating our own identities - neither based on the identities of others nor in comparison with the neighboring schools. We create our own identities and make our benchmarks and keep improving them. Our school is indeed special. Today we stand for around 3000 Parents and 1500Students: 95 Staff and Sisters.


We celebrate the milestones; the school has crossed in the 15 crystal years. We celebrate God’s faithfulness; our success stories; the presence and communion of all those who left a legacy in the history of our school. We celebrate the talents: life and growth of our students. I am not talking in the air. Our Board results have proved it, our faculties, facilities and our admissions have proved it. We thank our parents for the unflinching support and cooperation. We are not only proud of these but also proud of our inclusive character. Our students come from varied backgrounds, rural, semi urban and urban settings and the school brings them up to a level at par with and even ahead of other students of the city, our inclusive policies have been a life giving factor.


I am deeply indebted to our management, sisters and our staff who toil, not counting the hours but counting on their satisfaction. I salute the parents who trust the quality of our school. As we move on, we will not rest on our laurels but make all-round-progress through our consistent efforts. I call on all the Ex Students, who are well-placed in the society, and parents and well wishers to get on board and support this Prestigious School which has earned a significant place in our city.


May St. Raphael continue to bless our school.


Sr. Elsie K.Varghese