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Session (2020-21)


Fancy dress competition - Pre-Primary 14th August,2020)


Scholastic and co- scholastic activities have an equal importance in school programme for the all round development of a child. Keeping this in view,  we at St. Raphael Co-Ed School,  Bhopal conducted Fancy dress competition on 14th August, 2020 theme -"Freedom fighter " for the children of Pre-Primary wing. The purpose of conducting the competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students by giving them an opportunity to get on the stage and speak infront of an audience.In this pandemic, children dressed up in their colorful costumes with linens available at home and denounced slogans mimicking the character they depicted. They made a small video and shared with the teacher. The effort and hard work was highly commendable. Sr. Elsie our H'nble Principal praised our tiny tots for their lovely performance.

The competition proved to be a great learning experience for the students and gave them a platform to explore their hidden talents. Sr. Violet, our Vice Principal along with her team members. Shiksha Phalke, Shweta Rana, Uma Malviya (Academic coordinators), Divya Anish,  Manju Tale (Activity coordinators) and the class teachers Shweta Gupta, Madhuri Minj,  Savita Bhore, Shiksha Phalke and Divya Anish has taken a challenge to pace up the students in this crisis period. 


Online Parents Orientation - Pre-Primary (8th August, 2020)


St. Raphael Co-Ed School, Bhopal organized an Online Parents Orientation on 8th August. The program was helmed by our Hon'ble Principal, Sr. Elsie; Headmistress, Sr. Violet; and was actualised by the class teachers of pre-primary wing to express the visions and mission of our school. In this period of pandemic crisis, we couldn't make it to school for making this event grand, however the teachers made an effort to go digital and conduct it online with PowerPoint presentation. Parents were guided on the information about the school, in both the languages. Sr. Elsie K. Varghese, Sr. Violet along with the team of coordinators guided the teachers to make it possible in the online mode.

The program went uninterrupted with the parents emerging as satisfied and happy. They gave a positive feedback which was commendable for the school and teachers. As this was the first online Orientation.Sr. Violet, our Hon'ble Headmistress, addressed the parents with her kind and motivational words.Special thanks to Sister Violet and Shiksha Phalke (Academic coordinator) the teachers - Shweta Gupta, Madhuri Minj, Savita Bhore and Divya Anish to make it a grand success.


Origami- Pre-Primary (7th August, 2020)


St.Raphael Co-Ed School,Bhopal continuously integrates activities that stimulate holistic learning. Origami is an art which catalyses this objective to a great extent.The skill of Origami not only helps improve listening skills but also  strengthens the fine motor skills,  eye-catching hand coordination to an appreciable extent. Transforming a piece of paper into three dimensional object is a unique exercise that tunes the attention and concentration ability of the children and lends manual agility.

Our tiny tots used their dexterity in creating novelties with origami sheets. The children of Pri-Primary assembled jokers face and butterfly. Sr Elsie.K.Vergese our H'nble Principal appreciated and congratulated our tiny tots for their joyful participation in the activity in this pandemic.The execercise was both entertaining and educative. Sr. Violet our Vice principal and the team members Shiksha Phalke, Uma Malviya,  Shweta Rana (Academic coordinator), Divya Anish and Manju Tale (Activity Coordinator) and the class teachers Shweta Gupta, Madhuri Minj, Savita Bhore, Shiksha Phalke and Divya Anish who are encouraging our tiny tots through activities to perform well.


Rainy Day Celebration - Pre Primary (25 July, 2020)


St. Raphael Co-Ed School, Bhopal has always been agile and adept in concocting avant-garde styles and techniques to make learning engrossing and gratifying. The steady drumming of falling rain has profound rhythm that revives the cherishable deposits in the memory banks of our young Raphaelites- armed with their raincoats and umbrellas ready to splash and revel in the rain with their comrades. Unfortunately, the pandemic took this delight away from our tiny ones. In an attempt to brighten these gloomy days the teachers came up with the brewing idea of ‘Rainy Day Celebration’. Thereby enabling them to enjoy this monsoon season as well as learn about the bounties of nature and the natural world.

Calming cadence of the rain was enjoyed by the toddlers in a fun filled activity which was organised on Saturday, 25 July 2020. This was the first activity conducted for the pre-primary section wherein the students were asked to gear up in their monsoon attire within the safe confines of their home and click pictures which would be uploaded on the school website. This helped the young ones feel connected with their fellow classmates.

The school management applauded all the students for their enthusiasm and their active participation in the exercise. Further, they acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the Coordinators and the pre-primary teachers for keeping the students motivated and bringing a spark in their life. Thereby encouraging and providing our toddlers an opportunity to enjoy the companionship of their fellow mates. The young, lively and bubbly little ones thoroughly enjoyed the day.



Find the word Competition - Classes I & II (25 July, 2020)


St Raphael School organized  a competition "Find the Word" on 25th July 2020 for the students of standard 1st and 2nd.The competition was conducted through online platform. Rules for the same had been kept such that students could get enough time to interpret the puzzles and solve those.

The competition helped students to develop their cognitive skills along with strengthening their command on vocabulary and structuring of words. Students participated enthusiastically in the competition, and their efforts were appreciated by their respective wards and school staff. The school is looking forward to conduct such activities in the coming times for overall development of students.


Creative Writing Competition - Classes III - V (25 July, 2020)


English creative writing competition was conducted on 25th July 2020 for classes 3 to 5, where the students were asked to do some interesting activities.

Class – 3 Fill the Puzzle Grid.

Class – 4 Write the paragraph by using given words.

Class – 5 Compose a short story.

The main goal of these activities was to cover the topic “Part of Speech “. Students’ cognitive ability were tested through their grammar skills. Students enthusiastically participated and accepted challenges. They showed their individual talent through these activities.These activities helped the students to enhance their creative and thinking skills.

Van Mahostav Week (01 July to 06 July, 2020)


The School has maintained its unwavering legacy to promote a green and clean environment by celebrating ‘The Van Mahotsava Week’ .Though this year,it was not possible to limit the plantation activity to school premise and beyond, so students were instructed to afforest trees in their neighboring areas. To add an essence of deliberation, they were asked to send videos and photographs to be uploaded on the school website, The nature loving Raphaelites right from nursery to higher secondary section, showed their love for trees and nature by participating with probity.


Virtual Olympics Quiz 2020 (23 June, 2020)


The Directorate of Sports and Youth Welfare, MP, had organised a Virtual Olympics Quiz, 2020 held on 23rd June, to promote awareness and passion amongst young enterprising talents. This was indeed a forum where dynamic youths can showcase their insight in and around the discipline of sports thereby giving honour to this discipline in a way no less than that to academics. This competition was open to all within the age of 20 years, but restricted to the citizens of MP only. In this phenomenal Quizzer, a bright gem of St. Raphael Co-Ed School, Bhopal bagged the 3rd position winning a cash prize of Rs. 3000. Harshit Kumar Mishra of class 12A made the management of the school, the staff and his peers bloom with pride and joy at his endeavour and laudable performance at the state level competition. Harshit’s P.E. Teacher Naushad Ali couldn’t express his happiness with words and felt adored by this homage displayed by Harshit. Sr. Elsie, Hon’ble Principal, St. Raphael Co-Ed School, Bhopal, has congratulated Harshit and blessed him to soar higher. Sr. Elsie and her team with Sr. Violet (Headmistress), Sr. Esther (Bursar), Academic Co-ordinators- Shiksha Phalke, Uma Malviya, Shweta Rana, Preeti Malviya and Shali Sam and Activity Co-ordinators- Manju Tale, Seema Solanki and the faculty have always made sure to balance Sports, Art and Academics so as to lead the Raphaelites into a holistic environment of nurture, guidance and motivation. Harshit K. Mishra has proven to be a flag-bearer as an ideal prodigy of the vision that Sr. Elsie, along with her team, has created.


International Yoga Day (21 June, 2020)


St. Raphael Co Ed School, Bhopal, in collaboration with Yoga Association, Bhopal, conducted ‘Two Minute Yoga Video and One Yoga Pose’ Competition for students, parents and teachers to celebrate the 6th International Yoga Day on 21st June 2020.

The Principal, Sister Elsie K. Varghese, Headmistress Sister Violet, Mr. CJ Joyson, President , Yoga association, Mr. Anees Ahmad, Secretary, Yoga association, along with the Sports Teachers Mr Naushad, Ms. Anshu Pathak And Ms. Shivani Rajput set the platform for the fit and healthy students, parents and teachers to compete in three different categories.

Students were divided in two categories, Juniors and Seniors. From grade 1st to 8th students in Junior group and from grade 9th to 12th students in Senior group. In the Junior category, the students performed 5 Yoga Asaanas, under parental guidance only, following the required guidelines, create a two-minute video and post it to their respective sports teachers.The young students exuberantly took part in the ‘Physical fitness and Yoga for Healthy life during COVID-19’ with the motive of ‘Yoga at home and Yoga with family’. Students of grade 9th to 12th were invited to present their yoga skills creating a two minute video. In the present scenario when the schools are not functional, the students, teachers and parents were encouraged to take part in the Yoga competition and spread the message of healthy life. The parents took part enthusiastically posting their videos to the sports teacher of the school, Mr. Naushad Ali sir. Not only the students and parents took up the healthy competition but also the teachers captured their fitness in the two-minute video. The participants were judged on their accuracy and perfection on the particular yoga aasana performance and pose wearing the required attire and using the yoga mat.

Participation was open in three categories, ie. First- Students from class 9th to 12th, second- their parents and third- their teachers.In the category of students, Ms Umang Raikhere of grade 12th bagged the first position beating Ms. Mansi Patel , grade 12th, on the second position and Mast. Bharat Patidar, grade 12th, secured the third position. Tejaswinee Rathore, class 9th, Avishi Balgangadhar, class 10th, and Naomi Subhash, class 11th, were felicitated for their outstanding performance. Smt. Gargi Sharma, mother of Shourya Sharma, grade 11th, and Mr. Manish Shrivastava, father of Shreya Shrivastava, grade 11th, reached the pinnacle leaving the other parents behind in the category of parents. In the teachers category, Mrs. Banani Shyam Pun, PGT, English, was awarded the first position for her precision and perfection in Trikonasan Yoga exercise.

The competition had stretched a platform for the senior students, parents and teachers to spread the mantra of healthy life. It was a means to relax and enjoy equally. This  was a joint effort of the sports teacher, Mr. Naushad Ali, along with school authorities, Sister Violet and Sister Elsie, who brought all the members of the school together to celebrate the Yoga Day. The Principal Sister Elsie blessed the achievers and congratulated the parents for their participation as well as their wards’. Headmistress Sister Violet and Academic coordinator Mrs Shally always had the vision  to balance to academics with sports. This kind of competition where students, parents and teachers come together to raise the flag of achievement for the school is a unique mission of the Principal, Sister Elsie, and her experienced team.


Creative Art Competition (13 June to 27 June, 2020)


St. Raphael Co-Ed School, Bhopal believes in providing a forum for talented Raphaelites to showcase their unexampled creativity and also to acknowledge their efforts which drives to motivate them further and see a world beyond the horizon of academics, by keeping the virtue in mind that everyone is talented in an exclusive way. Sr. Elsie, the Hon’ble Principal and her team of activity co-ordinators (Seema Solanki and Manju Tale) had organised an online Academic year Theme Based Magazine Cover Page Competition, 2020, with which the enthusiastic Raphaelites not only took a break from their tedious online academic classes but also bloomed with ardour to play with colours to bring some chromatic hue to their lives in this period of lockdown.

Sr. Elsie, Sr. Violet (Headmistress), Sr. Esther (Bursar), Shali Sam (Senior Academic Co-ordinator), Preeti Malviya (middle wing Academic Co-ordinator) and primary wing Academic Co-ordinators- Uma Malviya, Shweta Rana, Shiksha Phalke, along with the team of faculties, laud and felicitate the rank holders for their outstanding performances. The Magazine Cover Page designing was based on ‘CELEBRATE AND LEARN’ which is the academic theme for the year 2020-2021; the rank holders are- 1st, Mahi Parmar (8C); 2nd, Divyaansh Sonawane (8C); 3rd, Samrudhi Bhodave (7A) from classes 6-8; and 1st, Arushi Bhatnagar (12B); 2nd, Mansi Mevara (10A); 3rd, Radhika Shrivastava (9A).

Several other creative competitions were organised to bring out the artists in the talented Raphaelites. Sr. Elsie is rejoiced to declare the rank holders and compliment their deliberation. The rank holders under each category are- Drawing Competition (6-7): 1st, Avani Shirdhonkar (7B); 2nd, Aahna Gupta (7C); 3rd, Abhiparn Bhargav (6B); Poster Making Competition (8-10): 1st, Rishita Patel (8B); 2nd, Bhavya Shivare (10A); 3rd, Palak Boolchandani (10A); Caricature Competition (11-12): 1st, Aankansha Ghodki; 2nd, Vaishnavi Deshpande (11B); 3rd (Joint) Vaidehi Sharma (12B) and Anuja Singh Parihar (11A). Sr. Elsie expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the parents who supported her initiative and evoke their wards to compete. St. Raphael Co-Ed School, Bhopal pledges to keep supporting the talents by providing optimal opportunities to its gems to soar with flying colours.


Mask making competition (01 June to 20 June 2020)


Mask making competition was organized from 1st june to 20th june for classes III - V. Mask making is one of the most enjoyable crafts that children can be engaged in. This activity was organized to explore and encourage creativity in children and offer them a platform to show their skill in mask making. It inspired children to think and work creatively and promoted artistic excellence. Students participated earnestly in the competition. They came up with amazing artwork in mask making. The colourful masks prepared by the students based on Cartoon characters, Halloween, Carnival, Animals and Birds were mesmerising! The ideas and amazing creations of the students were a vivid reflection of their immense potential.

Well done students! Let your creative talent sparkle at the zenith for everyone to admire.


Creative Writing Competition (26 May to 13 June, 2020).


By handing mobiles and tablets to the kids at younger ages, it's not a difficult thing to see that the kids are losing interest and skills in writing and communicating efficiently as they grow older. Creative writing acts as a mode of self expression, it stimulates imagination and enhances thought processing skills. It enables them to think 'out of the box'. Develops their language skills, it also aids their emotional development, it boosts their confidence and gives them a sense of pride. Keeping all these aspects in mind the school has conducted the Creative Writing Competition from 26th May to 13th June. Students participated enthusiastically and showed their creativity to their utmost in their writing. Excellent dear students.. Keep it up. Congratulations to the winners...


Fitness Challenge Competition (25 May to 6 June,2020)


St. Raphael Co-ed School, Bhopal had taken an initiative to promote fitness among the students amidst this crisis period, to contribute towards the government empowered Fit India Movement. High degree of kinesthesis and prudence in participation was witnessed, to make utmost use of the forum supported by the school. A 2 minute video challenge was accepted by the dynamic damsels who scrupulously abode by the guidelines and showcased their talents in inter-class competition. Needless to say, the best has to win and the school authorities found it drudgery-ridden to choose the winner. In this beautiful nursery, the blossoms that bloomed are Ipshita Nagar (1B), Maanya Srivastava (2A), Avia Alex (3A), Vaibhavi Deshpande (4A), Trisha Gour (5B), Risika Pandit (6A), Aahna Gupta (7C), Palak Yadav (8A), Tejaswinee Rathore (9C), Sakshi Malviya (10C), Vaishnavi Deshpande (11 B), Ishika Patidar (12B); a special ovation to Madhura Kale of KG-2A for her outstanding effort and display of talent. The fraternity of St. Raphael Co-Ed School, Bhopal bows before the support of the parents who made this initiative a grand success and felicitates the winners with warm wishes.

Sr. Elsie, the Hon’ble Principal and her team of co-ordinators comprising Shiksha Phalke, Uma Malviya, Shweta Rana, Preeti Malviya and Shali Sam have always been the backbone of such initiatives that rendered motivation for the students to fight any turmoil and emerge with bright colours. The incessant contribution that P.E. educator Naushad Ali has shown to shape the initiative and to bring it to existence needs profuse applause. The school is looking forward to utilise this period of lockdown in bringing forth beckoning challenges and activities for the students to rejuvenate amidst online classes that is going on with pace.




Working with their pens and colours, unleasing their creative thoughts and ideas.' Painting is one of the best platform which bring together our little artists to show their talent. If you could say in words, there would be no reason to paint. Keeping all these aspects in mind school has organised online theme based drawing competition from 26thMay 20 to 20th June 20 for classes 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Students participated enthusiastically and showed their creativity and imagination to their utmost in their drawing.